Further to a recent survey, we found that 27% of The ITAM Review audience are female which lead to me to have a discussion with Kylie Fowler, CEO of ITAM Intelligence and leader of the BCS Group. In this Podcast, we discuss women in the field of ITAM, specifically, what roles are available and how to get into the ITAM field.

Podcast Topics

  • Who are ITAM Intelligence?
  • The BCS Group
  • Kylie’s introduction to ITAM
  • Service Desk
  • Different flavours of ITAM
  • How to get into the field of ITAM
  • What can the industry do to encourage more women into ITAM?
  • How to get into contracting


BCS Networking Groups

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You can contact Kylie via her LinkedIn page or via the ITAM Intelligence website.


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