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An Introduction to XLAs for ITSM

A solution to this issue that has gained traction over the last half-decade is experience level agreement or XLAs. Where XLAs are a way of measuring service experience – so it could be CX or employee experience – and using the data and feedback to improve service levels from an experience perspective.   


IT-Asset Management
: Fünf Leitsätze für 2021

Um trotz Budgetrestriktionen Luft nach oben zu haben, versuchen CIOs und IT-Verantwortlichen momentan alles, um bestehende Ausgaben langfristig zu reduzieren


4 ways CFOs can cut waste in spending on the cloud

Many CFOs can credit cloud computing for helping them weather COVD-19 by cutting fixed costs, moving to remote work and adapting to a surge in online demand.


ITAM and Analytics: A perfect pair?

Data is the same – massive lists of users/licenses/hardware etc. aren’t really going to help anyone…but transforming that data to show where your users are by location, or the monetary value of licenses by vendor, or hardware that’s out of support in the next 6 months (for example) – that’s useful.



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